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This page provides a Table of Contents of articles on this site which are generally excerpts from The Weightlifting Encyclopedia (sometimes with minor modifications).


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Finding a Focal Point (Excerpted from Chapter 1 - The Technique of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk)

A Soviet Model For Teaching Technique (Excerpted from Chapter 2 - Teaching and Learning Weightlifting Technique)

Are Multiple Sets Better Than One For Weightlifting Training? (Excerpted from Chapter 3 - Developing Strength, Power and Flexibility)

A New Method of Stretching: "Active Isolated" (Excerpted from Chapter 3 - Developing Strength, Power and Flexibility)

Starting A Club (Excerpted from Chapter 4 - Selecting Weightlifting Equipment and Using it Safely and Effectively)

Power Snatch (Excerpted from Chapter 5 - Assistance Exercises for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk)

Integrating Long And Short Term Planning (Excerpted from Chapter 6 - Putting it All Together: Developing the Training Plan)

The Special Needs of Powerlifters and Other Strength Athletes Who Convert to Weightlifting (Excerpted from Chapter 6 - Putting it All Together: Developing the Training Plan)

The Vision of Success: Building Desire (Excerpted from Chapter 7 - Building the Mind of a Weightlifting Champion)

Timing Warm-ups (Excerpted from Chapter 8 - Competing Like a Champion)

Exercise Prescriptions for Children (Excerpted from Chapter 9 - Special Training Considerations for Women, Masters and Young Athletes)

The Special Protein Needs of Athletes (Excerpted from Chapter 10 - Nutrition and Weight Control)

Returning to Training After an Injury (Excerpted from Chapter 11 - Preventing and Dealing With Injuries and the Use of Restorative Measures)

The Competitive Lifts (Excerpted from Appendix 1 - The Rules of Weightlifting)

Training Effects on Muscle Tissue (Excerpted from Appendix 2 - A Short Course on Anatomy, Physiology, Mechanics and Biomechanics)

The Unique Value Of Olympic Lifts For Athletes (Excerpted from Appendix 3 - Training on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk: A Key to Athletic Excellence)