How Do They Do It?

Weightlifters - you’ve seen them on TV- maybe at the Olympics. They lift enormous weights overhead with astounding power and grace. They, are, unquestionably, the strongest men and women in the world. And now you want to become one of them. You’ve come to the right place.

The Weightlifting Encyclopedia (WLE) was written for you! It unveils the secret techniques champion weightlifters use to lift the great weights they lift and how you can learn those techniques. It explains how you can train to increase your strength by 200% to 300% or more. But there is much more.

How should you eat? How can you develop a mind of steel? How do you find and select the equipment you’ll need? How can you prepare for your first competition and what can you expect to experience there? How do you develop a balanced and effective training program? And that is just the beginning.

WLE has been designed to guide you from your first training session first championship and beyond (hopefully in cooperation with the coach that we recommend everyone have). Assembled by a world class athlete and coach with more than 30 years of experience in competing and coaching, this book covers the weightlifting scene in a way that no other text ever has. What kind of shoe should you use? How can you create an effective training plan? How will you know when you are doing too much? It’s all here, and more.

It’s what prompted Osmo Kiiha, publisher of Iron Master magazine, to say "You could take all of the books in print today (or out of print) on Olympic lifting and they would not equal what this book presents. Nothing is left out, every subject is covered with a fine tooth comb." And what caused former world champion and world record holder, Bob Bednarski, to say "Finally someone has published a book about weightlifting to be proud of. It’s complete, accurate, informative and inspiring. A definite must have. This book will help every weightlifter from novice to world champion, I only wish it were available when I competed."

The Weightlifting Encyclopedia Video Companion (WEV) was created as a companion to The Weightlifting Encyclopedia (WLE) book and it's just as comprehensive in its own way (a full three hours in length). It demonstrates many of the techniques, technical rules and assistance exercises (such as full squats and power cleans) that are used by competitive weightlifters. Because no one should simply come in the gym and try the competitive lifts and their variations, teaching sequences that break these lifts down into readily learnable pieces are presented as well. Finally, the types of equipment that are used by weightlifters are shown.

In some cases the video expands upon what is in the book, in other cases the book covers material about a subject that the video approaches from a different angle. In still other cases, the book covers material in detail that the video does not address at all (e.g., training for strength and power, mental preparation, diet and nutrition, coping with injuries, preparing for a competition, motor learning theory and biomechanics). In essence, the book and video complement each other.

If you'd like, take a more detailed look at the the contents of the book and video. Or, order WLE and WEV (there is a discount when you order both at the same time) now!

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