You’re In Love!

I don’t even have to say it. What a sport. You know it’s the greatest. Weightlifting is unparalleled - as a challenge and a reward. You’ve been lifting and/or coaching for years and you’ve improved a lot. You’ve read a lot. You’ve thought a lot. You may even have been coached a lot. But you want to lift more or help those you coach to do so. And why not?

We think we have the solution. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia (WLE) is simply the most comprehensive book ever written on weightlifting. There is so much information in its nearly 400,000 words that you can’t help but learn a lot by reading it. In fact, we are so sure that you’ll learn a great deal, and that you’ll truly value what you learn, that we make the following offer. Order the book. Look at the 13 page table of contents, or the nearly 150 resources in the annotated bibliography, or the complete index, or the hundreds of sub-headings. Study the content.

Want to know how the Bulgarians teach technique to beginners? See page 82.

Read about the man who lifted world records training only a few hours a week. See page 269.

What percentage of a lifter’s height does that bar have to reach to in order for it to snatched? See page 28.

How can you bandage a torn callus so that the bandage lasts the rest of the workout? See page 437.

There are at least four ways to do a high pull, what are they? See page 216.

If your knees are sore how might you modify your training? See page 298.

What little known wrist wrap offers the greatest support? See page 186.

Is the squat really the basis of life on earth as we know it? See page 226.

Well these and literally hundreds of other questions are answered in WLE. That is why two time Olympic Champion and 8 time World Champion Tommy Kono said "It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of Olympic weightlifting I have ever seen...Read, study, and apply the information you find within these covers and will be richly rewarded with rapid improvement on your Olympic lifts. I wish I had this book when I started the sport of weightlifting." And why Yakov Krinitsky, National Weightlifting Coach of the former Soviet Union, said "It is it perfect combination of Russian and other international research in Weightlifting and the tremendous American experience. I hope this big job that you did will produce big lifting in this (USA) country."

But don’t take their word for it, if you don’t think the book filled with valuable content. If you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid for it, ship it back in its original packaging, in the same condition that you received it, for a full refund. That’s it. Order now or view a summary of the Table of Contents.

P.S. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia Video Companion (WEV) was created to complement the book. It is directed more to the beginner and intermediate lifter than the pro, but we'll wager that you'll find some things that are new to you as well - take a look at the description of the video or a summary of the Table of Contents and see. If you do want the video as well, you can take advantage of the discount we offer when both the book and the video are purchased at the same time.

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