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The Weightlifting Encyclopedia book may be in stock at your local bookstore, or the store may be willing to special order it for you. You may also order the book directly from us. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia Video (DVD) Companion and Referee's Pal can only be ordered from us at present.

You can order our products directly from us in one of two convenient ways:

a) by regular mail,

b) Securely online 24/7: When your order online you can have the item shipped immediately - normally the next business day. Order the Book and DVD together and save.  

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US Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Priority Mail typically takes 3-7 from the date of order. 

Orders Outside the US are normally shipped via First Class International Mail, which takes 4-8 weeks, depending on the distance of the country from the US. International Priority Mail is also available and generally takes about a week to 10 days. Please be aware that all orders from outside the US are shipped at your risk. We will notify you via e-mail when your order is shipped from the US and will provide proof of mailing and the Customs Number, if you wish. But we cannot be responsible for the mails of foreign countries, where we generally have no means to track a packages' progress or ultimate delivery. Therefore, once shipped, an order shipped to a destination outside the US is not our responsibility.  

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To Order By Mail please send your order to the following address (mail orders are generally sent within 1-2 business days of the time payment is received):

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Please include a check or money order payable to: A is A Communications. For all orders, please clearly state the name and address of the person that you want the order shipped to. To determine the appropriate amount, please see the PRICES and SHIPPING OPTIONS sections. 

PRICES (in US Dollars)

The WLE Book is priced at $49.95 (not including shipping and handling - S&H). The WLE DVD is priced at $39.95 (not including S&H). The Referee's Pal is priced at $5.00 ($4.00 if you order with a book or video). Those who order both the WLE book and the video at the same time receive just over a 15% discount, for a total price of the book and the video of $76.40 (not including S&H). Ordering both items at the same time also saves on S&H (e.g., standard US S&H on both items combined is $8, vs. $12 when ordered separately, so the total savings on such an order is $13.50 on the book and video and $4 on S&H, or a total of $17.50).

For orders shipped to locations within NY State, purchasers must add 8.375% sales tax ($4.18 per book, $3.35 for the video (at the standard $49.95 price for the book and $39.95 price for the video, or $6.40 for the combined book and video) for totals of $61.13 for the book, $48.30 per video and $90.80 for the video and book combined (including the standard US shipping and handling charge).

Shipping Options and Charges (total costs for the book, video, or book and video and shipping and handling charges are shown in parentheses).

Shipping Options Orders within the USA Orders from Canada Orders from All other Countries outside US
  Book Video B&V Ref Pal Book Video B&V Ref Pal Book Video B&V Ref Pal
Standard Shipping (we automatically select USPS  Priority Mail or First Class International Mail -as explained in SHIPPING OPTIONS above)  7.00




































Second Day Service Via USPS**  28.00

























**Second Day Service is available through the USPS (we ship via USPS Next Day but they don't start the Next day clock until the day after we ship - hence 2 day service can be expected from the day we ship).

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Information For Librarians About The Weightlifting Encyclopedia:

(The information provided below is accurate, but the spacing and line placement may appear different than they would in the book itself because of the limitations of HTML and/or differences in the way Web browsers format pages).

Publisher's Cataloging In Publication

Drechsler, Arthur

The weightlifting encyclopedia : a guide to world class

performance / by Arthur J. Drechsler. -- 1st ed.

p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Preassigned LCCN: 97-93857

ISBN: 0-9659179-2-4

1. Weight lifting--Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Weight lifting--

Rules. I. Title. II. Title: Weight lifting encyclopedia

GV546.3.D74 1998 796.41


The ISBN number of the video is: 0-9659179-1-6

Our Returns Policy On Items Purchased Directly From Us

We believe we offer unique products that you will find to be well worth the purchase price. However, only you can judge a product's value to you and we want you to be totally satisfied with any purchase that you make from A is A Communications. Our returns policy is simple. If you are not satisfied with a purchase that you make directly from us (we are not responsible for items not purchased directly from us), for any reason, you may return it within 12 months of the date of purchase. Upon receiving the returned item, we will cheerfully send you a full refund of the price of the item(s) purchased (shipping and handling charges are not refundable and you are responsible for the cost of shipping the item you return back to us). The return policy stated above is subject to the conditions outlined in the next paragraph. It should be noted that if you received a discount on your order because you ordered two or more items, and then you return one, the amount of the refund you receive will be at a level such that the price of the item(s) you retain is the appropriate price for that item(s) had you ordered it individually.

In order to qualify for a refund, all items that are returned must be in resaleable condition when they are received by us (e.g., we cannot sell as new books that have creases, curves or scratches in the cover, or stains, folds or underlining in the text, and we cannot resell tapes that are broken or worn). Item(s) should be returned in the original packaging in order to assure that they are properly protected. To better assure that the item will reach us in a suitable condition, we recommend that you enclose it in a tight plastic wrap and return it in the box that it was originally shipped in.

Please send any returns to the same address that is listed for orders via regular mail at the beginning of this page.

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