Starting A Club (Excerpted from Chapter 4 - Selecting Weightlifting Equipment and Using it Safely and Effectively)

At this point, you've found a place to train, purchased your equipment and set up your training quarters. But your training will be a lot more productive if you can train with other lifters (for encouragement and feedback on your technique).

One of the best ways to really get a lifting program under way is to start an official USAW club (even if you have only one member to start). It is easy and inexpensive to do (it currently costs $50 for an annual membership). As an official club you will receive recognition from the USAW in the form of a certificate. You' will also receive the USAW's publication Weightlifting USA . This publication helps you to keep up with events in United States and world weightlifting. Information on selection criteria for international events is published regularly, as are meet results, coaching tips, profiles of athletes and clubs and information on products that are of use to athletes and coaches. In addition, club status makes you eligible to compete as a team in USAW competitions, to hold official competitions (upon receiving a formal sanction from the USAW) and to receive various awards and incentive programs sponsored by the USAW from time to time. USAW individual memberships and club membership are two truly outstanding values in weightlifting today.Visit the Resources section of this web site to get more information regarding the USAW and its programs.

As you can see, it does not require a lot of money to begin training for weightlifting competition. From several hundred to several thousand dollar in equipment and access to a modest physical facility in which to put it will do, and equipment properly used can last a lifetime.

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