What Are Champion Athletes, Their Coaches And Officials, And Other Readers, Saying About The Weightlifting Encyclopedia and its Video Companion?

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"Artie took more than seven years to write the book which you are about to read. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of Olympic weightlifting that I have ever seen. It covers all aspects...from novice to the world class athlete. Read, study and apply the information you find within these covers and you will be richly rewarded with rapid improvement on your Olympic lifts. I wish this book had been available when I started the sport of weightlifting!" Tommy Kono, Two Time Olympic Champion, Six time World Champion, Established 26 World Records in Weightlifting and Coached Olympic Teams from Three Different Countries, including the US (quotation from the Foreword of the book).

"Finally someone has published a book about weightlifting to be proud of. It’s complete, accurate, informative and inspiring. A definite must have. This book will help every weightlifter from novice to world champion, I only wish it were available when I competed." Bob Bednarski, Former World Heavyweight Champion and World Record Holder

"Everyone seeking knowledge pertaining to weightlifting must read this book. Every page offers new knowledge. It captures the power and complexity of this sport, yet explains the material in a simple and comprehensible manner." Robin Byrd-Goad, 1994 World’s Champion, 8 time National Champion and Former World Record Holder

"This book is a big Weightlifting treasure for athletes and coaches. It is the first very successful effort to combine together the achievements of science and long Weightlifting experience in this country. Continued success!" Mikhail Kemel Merited Master Coach of the Former Soviet Union and Coach of 3 Time World Superheavyweight Champion and Former World Record Holder - Anatoly Pisarenko

"Magnificent! Covers every imaginable topic in depth yet in a down to earth style. A great book!" John Coffee, Coach of 14 Women’s National Championship Teams and Five World Championship Teams

"I just received a copy of your book. It's incredible! You explain everything so clearly that even long time powerlifters can learn to do the Olympic lifts if they follow your instructions. They can get some great information on getting stronger too." Ed Coan, Many Time World Powerlifting Champion, Established More Than 75 World Records in Powerlifting

"...the single most important book ever written on Olympic weightlifting." Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat), Ph.D., MSS, Former World Powerlifting Champion and World Record Holder.

"The most complete example of international unity in the weightlifting communities. Here you successfully combine the scientific research of the Russian Federation and the tremendous experience of American weightlifting. Undeniably, it is a very good way to develop good athletes and improve our world." Arnold Khalfin, Two Time National Champion of the USSR and National Record Holder, Many Time World Masters Champion and Former Coach of the Junior Olympic Reserve Team of the USSR

"The Weightlifting Encyclopedia is the most complete book on Olympic style weightlifting ever published...I make a practice of reading some of it every night." Gayle Hatch, Coach of 47 Teams that have Won Junior or Senior National titles, as well as 3 Olympians

"...a monumental effort, obviously a labor of love...Comprehensive.  Truly encyclopedic. Bravo!" Clarence Bass, author of the RIPPED series, THE LEAN ADVANTAGE series, LEAN FOR LIFE and the soon to be published CHALLENGE YOURSELF

"The most complete, detailed book on weightlifting that I have ever seen. A wealth of information from proper techniques to powerful programs that are clearly explained. High recommended." John Reeser, Editor, Rodale Fitness Books

"The Weightlifting Encyclopedia...is in my opinion the most complete and finest book ever written for the participants of our sport, including coaches, athletes, organizers, officials and other interested parties...consists of easy to read chapters detailing every aspect of becoming an elite from teaching/learning the two Olympic lifts to competing like a champion...If you are a serious coach, athlete or other participant in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, this encyclopedia is must reading." Michael Cady, Editor, Weightlifting USA, the official publication of the The United States Weightlifting Federation (d.b.a. as the USAW)

"Reading it, one is awed by the amount of information that is there...I have never seen a weight training book of any variety (bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness, etc.) packed with so much information covering so many aspects of a sport." Michael Sullivan, WeightsNet.com - Where the 'net pumps up (from a review posted on their Web site)

"Arthur Drechsler, a former international level weightlifter, has put together one of the finest and most comprehensive books ever written on the subject of weightlifting. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia covers virtually every area of the sport in depth...Written in a down to earth style, it is highly readable and reflects the author's knowledge and love for the sport. It not only draws on the author's personal views and experience, but also contains collected material from many different schools of weightlifting - Bulgarian, Greek, etc. Highly recommended for any one with an interest in weightlifting." Fortius, Newsletter of the Australian Weightlifting Federation, Inc.

"It is the perfect combination of Russian and other international research in Weightlifting and the tremendous American experience. I hope this big job that you did will produce big lifting in this country." Yakov Krinitsky, Former National Coach of the USSR (currently living in the US), Coach of World and Olympic Champions and Former World Record Holders, Jan Talts and Vladimir Beliaev, and Merited Coach of the USSR.

"The wealth of information you have set down will be a blessing for anyone reading this book and every lifter, coach, both domestic and international, will benefit from it." Murray Levin, President North, Central America & Caribbean Islands Weightlifting Federation, Past President (1975-1988) of the United States Weightlifting Federation.

"It is a monumental work which far exceeds any work in the field of weightlifting. It is, without question, the most comprehensive, single source of up-to-date information ever published." Vic Boff, Strongman, Author of Numerous Books and Articles on Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Strength Feats and the President of  The Association of Oldtime Barbell and Strongmen

"A must read for any athlete and coach engaged in weightlifting training or employing the Olympic lifts for strength training. The entire spectrum of weightlifting training: exercise selection, planning training, exercise technique, selection of equipment, etc., is covered in precise detail." Andrew "Bud" Charniga, MS, Owner of Dynamic Fitness and Sportivny Press and Editor/Translator of more than a dozen weightlifting texts produced in the former USSR.

"I have worked in developing strength in athletes at all levels, from Junior high school to Division I scholarship athletes and Olympic and World Champions. During this tenure I have been asked questions of athletes and coaches about becoming their absolute best that this book answers. Artie Drechsler's The Weightlifting Encyclopedia has a little something for everyone that desires to excel in sport, any sport, not solely Weightlifting. This is not a book that simply describes the author's opinion, rather a book that explores the pros and cons and then the reasons for the author's recommendation. The choice of which path to follow is left to the reader - a truly refreshing approach. I highly recommend this book to any and all athletes that pursue excellence in their sport and especially those that strive to become world class weightlifters." Lynne Stoessel-Ross, MS, CSCS, Former National Weightlifting Champion and American Recordholder, former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Georgia Tech and Texas Tech

"...stands in a class by itself. No finer book on the subject of Olympic weightlifting has ever been published. You could take all of the books in print today (or out of print) on Olympic lifting and they would not equal what this book presents. Nothing is left out, every subject is covered with a fine tooth comb." Osmo Kiiha, Editor in Chief, Iron Master Magazine

"The Weightlifting Encyclopedia includes descriptions of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, effective methods of coaching Weightlifting, detailed training plans, assistance and conditioning exercises, nutritional and injury information, as well as training considerations for Women, Master, and Junior athletes. Plus much, much more!... Drechsler provides an amazing insight in the sport of Weightlifting." Brian Dorn, Editor, The Weightlifting News.

"Just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with the Encyclopedia that I received last week. I buy just about any book that comes out on the market about resistance training and strength sports, including many highly annotated college level textbooks. Most of the time I am disappointed. I have never received better value than your book. The text is just dense with information, an incredible achievement considering the bulk of the book...Any page that I open up to has fresh insight on it, and I have been reading everything I can get my hands on in this subject for the last 30 years..." Peter Bocko, Ph.D.

"The Weightlifting Encyclopedia has become a great source of confidence to me. This incredible book provides the knowledge and information I have long been seeking as an athlete and coach. Artie Drechsler's contribution to the sport of Weightlifting is best described in the words of T.S. Elliot, "Great books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers." Stephen Miller, Coach of Team Oklahoma and National Superheavyweight Champion and American Recordholder Shane Hamman.

"I have just scratched the surface of the "almost" final draft of this massive undertaking and I am ready to recommend this book to all who ever cared or will ever care about our great sport. I agree with the text and am almost envious of the enormity of the content. Drechsler...uses his lifting knowledge and writing talents to present this (destined to be great) text." Denis Reno, publisher of Denis Reno’s Weightlifter’s Newsletter, international coach and official (on reviewing the final draft).

"The author has penned a voluminous and exhaustive look at Olympic weightlifting. No subject is left out or treated lightly...His views on periodization are most interesting  and will appeal to those who seek to push the envelope of training methodology...If readers are looking for a detailed reference on Olympic-style weightlifting in all of its facets, they will be pleased with Mr. Drechsler's efforts."

Dan Wathen, Past President, NSCA, in a review published in the August 2000 Strength and Conditioning Journal.

"This 500+page book is a virtual gold mine of information on Olympic weight lifting, strength training, nutrition and the like. Find out what really works in the Iron Game." Matt Furey, 1985 NCAA II National Wrestling Champion, Gold Medalist at the 1997 World Kung Fu Shuai-Chaio tournament and author of "The Martial Art Of Wrestling".


"Having read The Weightlifting Encyclopedia cover to cover and used it as a key reference since its publication, I've just completed my first viewing of the Video Companion. I believe that this represents the finest and most comprehensive coverage of an Olympic sport ever produced in the English language. It value is multi-faceted, providing athletes, coaches and others interested in this amazing sport insights previously known only to a fortunate few. Arthur Drechsler has made a contribution it competitive athletics whose full significance will only be realized over time. Weightlifting coaches, strength coaches and coaching specialists in other sports have been provided with a tool combining the theoretical and applied aspects of weightlifting in a form able to be understood and used effectively with athletes of all levels. This is truly a dissertation quality work." Peter Roselli - Coach of Les Petite Animaux, one of the USA's most successful weightifting clubs, and Danica (National Champion and overall Bronze medalist at the 2000 Jr. World Championship) and Matt Rue (National Junior Champion and Jr. American Record Holder) - the first brother and sister ever to be selected for an international weightlifting team by the US. 

"Great tape. It covers everything and is a great compliment to the book. I recommend it to everyone...I've always believed in the old saying - "A picture is worth 1,000 words" - sometimes it's more like 10,000 words but, when it's a video, it covers a lot more words than that." Tommy Kono, Two Time Olympic Champion, Six time World Champion, Established 26 World Records in Weightlifting and Coached Olympic Teams from Three Different Countries, including the US

"It's the perfect training aid. Very informative and detailed. Truly in the tradition of the book." Bob Bednarski, Former World Heavyweight Champion and World Record Holder

"Artie Drechsler has produced and impressive new "Video Companion" to his highly acclaimed Weightlifting Encyclopedia...If you're interested in becoming an Olympic lifter, this video includes just about everything you need to know to get started on a solid footing. Artie Drechsler doesn't do anything half way and this video proves it again in spades. We highly recommend it." Clarence Bass, author of the RIPPED series, THE LEAN ADVANTAGE series, LEAN FOR LIFE and the soon to be published CHALLENGE YOURSELF

"Artie Drechsler has produced a video that should be viewed by anyone interested in training athletes of any kind, but particularly by those interested in training competitive Olympic-style Weightlifters. A real first rate instructional video." John Coffee, Coach of 14 Women’s National Championship Teams and Five World Championship Teams

"Nothing else comes close." Osmo Kiiha, Editor in Chief, Iron Master Magazine

"This video is a must for anyone interested in Olympic-style Weightlifting. You can learn more about our sport in three hours than many lifters have learned in a lifetime." Brian Dorn, Editor, SNATCH IT!:The Weightlifting News


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